Things that strengthens your relationship if you share it with your partner


If you are ready to overcome difficulties, conflicts and misunderstandings with your partner it means you are ready to go up to a new level. It is time for you to climb another stair and call this relationship a serious one or even a commitment. It means you have a will to go on and improve on every level of the relationship. This, however, means there are some topics about which you should speak with your partner in advance. This is recommendable in order to omit misunderstandings.

If you, on the other hand, consider the following tips you will build a string connection between you and your partner. This will strengthen your relationship and make you trust more one in another:

Say how you feel

Do not expect your partner to guess how you feel. The truth is each of you can misunderstand or misinterpret the behavior of the other. Therefore make sure you always say how you feel and what does not resonate with you. Express your feelings and play always on the safer side.

Put strong borders

Your goal is not to make your partner feel like he is in a prison. Your wish is not to limit him. But there should definitely exist some borders and red lines in the behavior of the other person of the relationship. The mutual respect will be way bigger if you, at the very beginning, say what irritates you. You are the one who puts your own rule. If you share it with the other person he will bare in mind not to come to the edge with your temper.


Speak about the past

For a lots of couples this is a sensitive topic. By talking about past experiences you actually speak about your fears, weaknesses and habits. Of course, your past is your past but sharing some details with your partner can strengthen your connection and take you to the next level. The more you share the more you get to know each other. Sometimes this helps in order to deepen the love.

Share part of your family history

Each family has secrets and stories. What you consider to be the most authentic yet interesting, feel free to share it with your loved one. You can always hide the worst parts of the story. Both of you deserve to know the partner better.

Point out your partner’s mistakes

This way you help him grow. Do not expect him to catch his own mistakes because sometimes what you see as a mistake it looks totally different in the other person’s eyes. Speak about the things you find to be wrong. Open his mind but make sure to be kind and friendly. Do not criticize him too much in order to avoid the repetition of the mistake. Help your partner to become the best version of himself. Show him your support and your trust. You will see that the other person will even be thankful for being honest and having the will to help him in every aspect of his life.