Luxury Master Bathroom Additions and Why to Invest in Them

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The concept of a dream home is often pampered in visions of luxury. For many, they buy a home they intend to retire in, and discover that most of the transformation into that dream home has to be completed as time goes on. There is nothing wrong with taking things slow.

When designed rooms for a dream home, only a handful of homeowners actually consider giving their bathroom a full transformation. Every 1,000 square feet of footage added to a house increases the property value by 3.3%. Adding a half bathroom can increase the value by up to 10.5% of the property value. It’s time to transform your home into your dream home and get the best increase in property value you can.

Whether you are in your dream home and looking to expand, or you are hoping to increase the value of your current property in order to sell and purchase your dream home, it is more important to think about bathrooms than you think.

If you do not currently have a master bathroom:

This is the time to consider getting one by adding on to the house. It’s easier than you think to find a company that is experienced at designing and building a room addition. Contact a contractor to come to your house and get an estimate on what it might cost to add a bathroom on to your existing home.

There are some beautiful luxury bathroom ideas that can add square footage and value to your house by up to 15% of the current assessment. Adding a bathroom with a nice view to the master bedroom is most worthwhile if you go big.

If you currently have a master bathroom:

You can still increase the value of your property if you have a master bathroom already attached to the house. If the bathroom is on the inside of the house (meaning along the inner hallway), consider turning it into a second bathroom for guests by opening it up to the hallway and closing it off to the master bedroom. If the bathroom is on an outside wall, call up a contractor to come and give you and assessment on what would cost to expand the bathroom out.

The important thing to remember when considering a luxury bathroom is to make sure it increase the square footage of the house.

If you have a second story master bedroom:

The cost of creating a luxury bathroom increases significantly if you have a master bedroom on the second story (or no real master bedroom at all). If this is the case you will want to consider two things:

1      Adding a master bedroom to the first floor of the house.

2      Adding a master bathroom to the first floor of the house.

Homes that have a master suite on the first floor hold higher value than homes with suites on the second story. Most homeowners fall in love with a house, purchase it, then regret buying a house with a second story bedroom. If there isn’t an official master bedroom, you will want to add it on. reports that in 2011 bathrooms became more important than kitchens to potential homeowners. That means the money put into the project will be worth the added value to your dream home.