Must See – 7 Ideas for Travelling During Your Spring Holidays


For the majority of students, regular qualitative rest is out of the question: mountains of assignments don’t allow to relax. But in spring, you can’t help thinking of adventures and your only thought is about spring break destination for college students. There’s something in the air. After a long period of tough work, regular stresses, and sleepless nights, you do deserve to recharge your batteries. Here comes the question: where to go for spring break to have a good time for cheap? Below we offer a set of destinations to choose from for college students with different tastes.


Cool spring break trips for hot leisure

  • Miami (Florida, USA): Hot Latino Joy

If you are the one looking for beach pleasures, you are sure to visit Miami. It is one of the best spring break destinations for college students who are looking for an opportunity to party hard day and night following the Latino style celebration. Did you know that here the largest enclaves of Cubans are situated? That’s what makes the pastime here most hot! To get acquainted with Little Havana, you should drop in Calle Ocho, the street which is “furnished” with the best clubs and restaurants.

  • Panama City Beach (Florida, USA): Party Time

This is another “spring break center” where you can enjoy life non-stop. Take your chance! The combination of sun, warm water of the Gulf-of-Mexico, and crowds of your adherents who have come here to remind themselves of how beautiful their life can be will not let you think of your bundles of assignments or any other troubles you faced with in your everyday life. Redirect your task to professional term paper writer and relish! The only warning is that unplanned spring visit here will be quite costly. It is one of those cool spring break trips to spend $400 for one night. Well, the deal is worth the money. But if you are not ready for such expenditures, we strongly recommend you to plan your trip to Panama City Beach. By the way, in just several waves from it, you will find a nice spot with idyllic beaches. Its name is Destin beach.

  • Costa Rica: Beach Mirth and Rainforests Retreat

It is an amazing place giving opportunities for versatile leisure. Both beach lovers and adherents of calm pastime will recharge their batteries. Just like Panama City Beach and Miami, it offers beach dalliance, but in addition, it gives a chance to rejoin with nature – it is one of the best spring break ideas.

Public beaches of Costa Rica will satisfy even the most demanding beach fun lovers. Are you one of them? Choose one of the incredible destinations: Los Cedros, Lagatrillo or Manuel Antonio. Walks in rainforests will help you achieve pacification and restore your psyche due to the calming effect of all those one-of-a-kind waterfalls, three-toed sloths, and Capuchin monkeys you notice here and there. A pleasant bonus: no matter where you go, food and drinks are rather cheap throughout the territory of Costa Rica.

Where to go for spring break for city joy?

  • Toronto (Canada): Ideas for Cheap but Worthy Pastime

If you prefer city adventures, Toronto is the place you are sure to visit once in a lifetime. It has all the attributes of a city: skyscrapers, crowds of people walking here and there, confusing transportation, and so on. But Toronto offers much more than a usual urban site. Here you can enjoy the beauty of Ontario Lake and sunbathe peacefully at the Beaches. One more place to visit in Toronto is the Kensington Market or the St. Lawrence Market where you can buy cheap and delicious food and eclectic indoor decoration that you will find nowhere else but here. One of the best spring destinations for college students, it has numerous nightclubs. What’s most pleasant about this place is that it is friendly to travelers on a budget! If it is your story, you will be glad to make use of plenty of discounts and things for free.

  • Mexico City (Mexica): Diverse Leisure in Concrete Jungle

For just as little as $45 per night, you can stay in the heart of Aztec Empire! In Mexico City, you will find everything you want, whatever it is! Here, college students have no chances to get bored: one day you will explore the ruins of Aztecs, next day you will drive to Pacific Mexican Beach, for the third you may choose Chapultepec Amusement Park, after that – select among the best bars and clubs to party till the morning. It makes the city one of the best spring destinations for college students. You will find plenty of amusement facilities with cheap meals for all tastes throughout its streets. Besides, such a trip is a good opportunity to improve your Spanish or start learning it!

Spring break ideas for quiet pastime

  • Savannah (Georgia, USA): Atmospheric Walk through Centuries

If you are a partygoer, this place is not for you. Savannah is a great idea for a spring break if you belong to the group of foodies and culture hounds. The Savannah’s Historic District has plenty of sights. Start with the City Market, then enjoy the greatness of Cathedral of St. John the Baptist; drop in Mercer-Williams House where the lyricist Johnny Mercer lived to find yourself in the environment of the 1700s. Are you a true history lover? Come to Owens-Thomas House which was once home for a wealthy planter to dive into the atmosphere of the upper class of Savannah in the 19th century. What a walk through centuries! Now it’s high time to have a rest in the Forsyth Park – the heart of the Savannah’s Historic District.

  • New Orleans (Louisiana, USA): Mysterious Spot

If you are willing to learn where to go for spring break to find yourself in a completely different atmosphere than the one you get used to, come to New Orleans. It is a peculiar place. If the book about Harry Potter was your favorite children’s literature and you would like to drop in some place full of mystery, you must come here! The land of voodoo culture, it will give the thrill you seek for! The city is rich in mysteries and historical sites which pearl is Bourbon Street where the best restaurants and hotspots are concentrated. Visiting them is a must. When you are in New Orleans, your gastronomic pleasures should make up a significant part of your trip. That is where you can taste the best seafood dishes and Cajun meals – French Quarters is one of the best places to combine a historical ride with a gourmet tour.

If you are sick and tired of overload, take your chance to jazz your life for cheap – take your spring break!  

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