Questions To Ask Your Wedding Floral Designer


Wedding floral designers play a vital role in making the decors and theme sync. If you find someone who understands your taste and preferences, consider half of the wedding planning task is off your shoulder then. Their job responsibility is huge and so are their pay-checks. Therefore, take your time and do not hesitate to ask questions and clear out any confusion you have in mind while choosing your floral designer.

While asking questions, remember to cover the aspects of background, wedding flower details, budget information and contract essentials. Here are few essential questions that you should ask and we recommend you to take a list with you so that you don’t miss out on important points.

  • How many weddings have you done so far?

You will get to know their work experience and whether they are good at their job or not. This is basically part of the background check for your floral designer. Try and clear out finer details such as- cheaper alternatives to wedding flowers, which venues he/she has worked before and so on.

  • Do you have a work portfolio that I can see?

This is one of the most important questions since you will get to understand the preference of your designer and whether it aligns with your own taste or not. This is also a good scope to gather inspiration for your own wedding. Live examples or photographs always help to make a clear judgment.

  • What design styles you are comfortable working with?

Floral designers definitely have their preferred wedding styles where their expertise and best work features are reflected. Make sure they love your theme and ideas so that they can implement them well.

  • Will you be available on the wedding date?

It is always safer if your floral designer is present in the wedding venue to manage the details. We would definitely recommend choosing someone who has a comparatively free schedule so that they can concentrate on your wedding fully.

  • Have you worked before in our venue?

If your florist has already worked in your wedding venue before, that’s is always a plus point. They will know the size, measurements and the policies of the place beforehand which would save you a lot of time and effort.

  • What are the wedding flowers that you recommend based on my color scheme and budget?

Selection of wedding flowers is very crucial because the budget is highly dependent on it. We understand that you might have a mind setup for few specific flowers but do consult with your florist before making the final call. Ideally seasonal and wholesale wedding flowers are the most budget friendly option.

  • How will you co-ordinate boutonnieres, bridesmaid flowers and centerpieces?

Wedding flowers are delicate and timing and co-ordination is of utmost importance. Make sure you clarify who will handle the important task of maintaining the wedding flower accessories.

  • How will the set-up and delivery be handled?

Extra charges usually apply for these two aspects. Clear this out with your floral designer about who will take the responsibility and negotiate a separate arrangement for the delicate items such as-vases, arches etc.

  • Will you able to work within my budget and what are the additional charges I have not considered yet?

Whatever budget you provide, your floral designer will usually outline a plan based on that. Try to get the best out of it and suggest cheaper alternatives so that the service is not compromised.

  • What is your contract policy?

One of the most important factors is to know the ins and outs of the contract policy that you and you designer will outline based on the negotiation. Before you sign anything clear out any confusion you have regarding the contract.

  • What is your refund policy if I have to cancel my order for some reason?

It’s your wedding and you might take impulsive decisions based on the situation. It always better if the floral designer has a proper refund policy so that if you change my mind, it doesn’t effect adversely to your wallet.

  • What will happen to the flowers after the wedding?

When you make the contract, usually wedding flowers are solely yours but the other pieces such as-vases, candelabras are usually rented. Sort out the details with your florist about the post wedding plans of how you can re-use the flowers.