Seoul, fall in love with this city


South Korea a country with a very rich historical past is nestled at the southern tip of the much spoken of Korean Peninsula sharing their northern border with arch enemy North Korea. It shares international sea borders with China on the west, Japan on the south east and with North Korea on both flanks of the north. South Korea is practically sandwiched in-between these three countries but has still managed to hold its proud heritage and emerge as an industrial and economic powerhouse in the region upstaging its enemy on the north.

It has held its own with China and Japan and is today looked at by North Korea in envy due to its democratic traditions, open economic policy, industrialization and the open welcome accorded to it by other countries unlike its enemy in the north. North Korea has remained a pariah nation for a long time and is practically isolated from the rest of the world.

Seoul, the capital of South Korea adds luster to what South Korea the country has to offer by being a vibrant, active, colorful and peaceful city where most of the South Korean economy is managed from. It is quite a contrast from what any visitor to Seoul would experience if they would visit the North Korean capital of Pyongyang.

Seoul, a city you would love

The atmosphere in Seoul has always been economy driven with a thriving business community which revolves around electronics among other industries but with a greater push towards tourism as it has much to offer. Like they often say that London cannot be seen in a day, so would be Seoul too, because it has much to offer the discerning tourist. If you are contemplating of visiting this colorful and vibrant city it would be imperative that you make all the necessary arrangements well in advance before you would set foot there.

The city has an aura about it which every visitor would find difficult to comprehend at least in the first visit because it would captivate so much and leave the person bewildered by what they would experience in Seoul. It could be something entirely different to what you would expect in any western city however old it may be and much so steeped in history. As an ardent visitor the best bet you would have would be to visit the most interesting place around the city and come completely fatigued and place you tired body to go into temporary oblivion.

There are ample sites to visit in the city and selecting them from the natural and the artificial could itself be quite daunting task. From ancient Buddhist temples to magnificent gardens where flowers would be blooming in all there splendor is what Seoul could be set apart from all other cities in the region. These would be cleverly mixed with an array of skyscrapers which would be lined up with one trying to better the other. Seoul is a modern city with a good infrastructure, modern amenities and abundance amenities that any people anywhere would clamor for.

Is Seoul, too noisy?   

It could be the vibrancy, which many a visitor would find difficulty when sleeping in the capital city of Seoul, due to its constant and unending, noises some at very high decibels. You could be very tired after a day of sightseeing and would rather hit the sack but things in Seoul could get very complicated because of the noises in high decibels. Sleeping a few hours undisturbed would be a luxury in Seoul, because of the noise levels coupled with the vibrancy of the city.

The noise levels should not be a concern to any visitor as the best solution would be to equip oneself with the latest and much needed innovation the world has seen. Introduced recently the white noise machine, which would help you to sleep for a few hours before you would be back at the interesting places you would visit during the day. To go on a sightseeing trip around the city you should first be well relaxed and rejuvenated after the previous day’s trip to see the places of interest. It is only when your body is behind you, could the mind set the pace and if they do not synchronize it would be quite a task. You should find the perfect balance between the mind and the body to take everything that is on offer for you in this resplendent city. You may have a difficult time trying to see all of what Seoul has to offer but if you could achieve it would be a feather in the cap. The options that you have are immense and trying to see all of them in a rush would be difficult.

Keep the noise at bay

There would be no doubt that you would be required to sleep well and if you are decided to get the right equipment when you travel into Seoul you would not be in the predicament of being sleepless. The one essential product that you would need to give yourself whilst traveling to Seoul would be the wonderful white noise machine that has brought an immense following since it saw the light of day.

The white noise machine a very small contraption which produces a constant but pleasant noise which would put even the person with high insomnia to sleep. This constant noise contraption also called the white noise machine does put people to sleep and is todays seen in another should be one thing that you should be carrying with you as it would put you to sleep where their work. It has been readily accepted has been proven to be one item which you cannot leave home without. This is one essential item which should be getting into your travel pack when you would intend to visit Seoul as it would really help you sleep and be ready for the sight-seeing task the next day.