Smart Heating Solutions to Choose for Your Home


It is not possible to survive the intense cold days without a proper solution for heating. Heaters are the devices that heat up the air inside the house making it warm and comfortable. The area where winter is intense requires some kind of heater or furnace for keeping the indoors warm in freezing temperature.

Types of Heaters

  • Boilers: Such kind of heating units have a pump that circulated the hot water through the pipes to the radiators or any other devices that are present in the room. There is no requirement of duct work for moving the heat. Radiant floor heat is one state-of-the-art device that can used these days where the floor is heated using the tubes under them that circulates hot water. However, you must use an outlet for the passage of the gas, and the boiler quality must also be very high, so that the water does not corrode the sides of the boiler. Boilers can be an expensive heating system to install in a home, however, full central heating grants are available to households to cover either the full cost or part of the cost of installing them. 
  • Furnace: Furnace is another example of central heating system which is popular in many parts of the world. The device has ducts through which heated air blows into the rooms keeping the house warm. The air is heated using fuel oil, natural gas or electricity.
  • Heat Pumps: Air conditioners remove the hot air and cools the indoors during the summer time and in the reverse way the heat pumps force hot air into the space making it warm in the winter. There could be the air heat pumps that are the most common type, or you can choose the ground source like the geothermal systems.

What are the Sources of Direct Heat Transfer?

These are the heaters where electric current can warm the walls directly. These easy to install with low installation cost but the cost of using it is high.

There are many other kinds of heaters like the traditional gas or wood fire place found in cottages. Wood heaters are high on fuel expenses but are good source of heat especially in traditional homes but due to an excessive rate of environmental pollution caused by wooden heaters, many people now opt for electric heaters which are more sustainable and effective as heating systems.

Things to Consider Where Buying Heaters

  • Size: Size of the heater is one important factor that you have to consider before you buy one for your house. Wrong size of the heating-cooling system can lead to several problems like improper heating and over consumption of energy.  Load calculation is done after considering lot of factors including square footage of the room, value of insulation, types of windows etc. and helps in finding the right size of the heater.
  • Heat Source: The heater must have source from which it gets the heat. Natural gas, propane gas, electricity, oil, wood etc. are some sources that one can consider for the heater. Lot of factors like cost of the fuel, pollution etc. has to be considered before you choose the fuel. Cheap installation is possible with electricity but the cost of it is high. Oil or propane can be considered as well.
  • Heat Distribution: There are heat distribution methods like UFH and radiators to choose from for your heat device. The under floor heating system is expensive to install as compared to radiators where it is cheap to use as compared to the other. It is easy to control the temperature with the UFH but difficult with the radiators.

So, it is evident from the above article that there are different heating systems and installation processes available in the market and you must decide about the size of the room, and the temperature you want before you install a heating system.