Solskjer speaks about his way to “Old Trafford”


The temporal Manchester United coach, Ole Gunnar Solskjer, speaking for the Norwegian medias has shown once again his deep and unconditional love for his former football club. Ole used to be the coach of the teams of Molde and Cardiff. However, he confesses that he has always dreamt with Manchester United and becoming their manager. Therefore, when signing for both of the clubs at its time, he had made an agreement that the moment Manchester United sends an offer for the norwegian coach, he will leave his current club with no problem.

“Call me naive, stupide or amitious. It´s up to you. Call me ass you will but since the day I was coaching the substitutions, my dream was to become Man United first coach. I wanted to be sure that I can sing and join my beloved United if they are willing my services. That´s why I made an agreement the moment I signed with Molde and Cardiff that if my former club sends an offer to their adress, I have all the rights to leave and join United. In other words, they must let me leave.” – says the norwegian legend.


“Cardiff was an excellent chance for me. I did a good job in the Premier League and than followed Manchester United. But as I was looking at the things and the atmosphere in Cardiff, I thought: t´s over!The time has come for me to go where I belong.” – reveals the former Man United player

He used the opportunity to confess how happy he was during the time he played for the English most popular team. He spoke about the time when he decided to put an end of his career, what he eventually did.However, after some time, when the team neaded him the most and was going through a tough period, he decided to do a spectacular come-back and help the team face the difficulties.


Now that he already started leading the team of United, every single of the players confesses to be happier than with Mourinho, their previous coach. They say Solskjer giver them more freedome in the play which reflects with positivity. Everyone feels more confident and free, yet shows respect for their new coach who is about to sign a permanent contract with the Red Devils.

One player who is especially happy to play under the instructions of Ole is Pogba. He says he finally feels released and confident in his play, something that was not a case when Mourinho was leading the reds. Pogba now expresses publicly his satisfaction with the change of the manager which reveals a lots of facts about his play and preasure under the portuguese’s comand.


What changes will the Norwegian former player bring to his beloved team is up to see. What is clear is that he was getting ready mentally for this job some time now, so that’s why everyone believes he already has the strategy and plan done in his head. He only has to put it in practice. Solskjer says he is happy with the players he has available and promises to give his best in order to bring the team of United bak on the winning field.