Some interesting facts about the world that surrounds us


If you thought you know everything, wait a second and let us prove you wrong. There are some less known facts about the world all around us that you didn’t even thought about, therefore they seem unusual and strange to you. The planet as a whole and the Universe are an enigma that we barely understand, even though our first impression is that we are well informed about everything.

  • There are as much as three trillion trees all around the world. In other words, four hundred trees per person on this planet.
  • The core of Earth hides enough gold to cover the whole planet with it.
  • The warmest place on Earth is located in Ethiopia, in Dalol. Its average temperature throughout whole year is about 34 degrees Celsius.
  • On the other hand, the coldest spot on Earth is the Plato station on the Anthartic. Its average temperature is -56,7 degrees Celsius.
  • The lowest and coldest temperature on Earth ever to be spotted was -94,7 degrees Celsius on the Eastern Anthartic.
  • While the warmest temperature measured on our planet was spotted in Libia and it was 59 degrees Celsius.
  • In Japan they celebrate Christmas as the Festival of Love where the ones that already have a partner celebrate it with him, while the single one’s purpose is to find a partner during this holiday.
  • The rainbows have over million of shades of different colours. It’s a pity we can not spot and identifie all of them as they are.
  • Leonardo da Vinci has been one of the most tallented people on this planet so he could write with one hand while painting with the other.
  • Two third of the people that live on our planet have never seen snow in their life.
  • The two-headed snakes are in a constant war for food.
  • The squids are 95% of water, in fact.
  • If you want to check and watch every single video on YouTube, you will need as much as 1000 years of life.
  • The bugs have the ability to live up to several weeks after you have cutten their head.
  • The thongue is the strongest muscle of the human body.
  • If you freeze shrimps you can bring them back to life if you unfreeze them later.
  • The chances to die while buying a loto ticket are greater than the chances to win the same.
  • If you ever sneeze too hard, you can even break a rib.
  • The dogs are able to memorize about 250 words with no problem, as well as do some basic mathematics like counting.
  • Each part of our body is made of star dust that exploded million of years ago.
  • The older people have less bones than a new born baby.
  • Each atom in our body is billions of years old.
  • When we look at the stars we actually see the past. That means that those stars are already turned off, the thing is that it takes a lots of years in order the light to come to our receptors.
  • The oceans hide as much as twenty million tones of gold, therefore the world is everything but poor.