Team Building & Fun: An Escape Game In Calgary


Escape rooms are the ultimate adventure. Combining a test of wits and grit, its one of the hottest sensations sweeping the world. Find out how you can get involved.

If you’ve never played an Escape Room game, you are missing out. Each year, new escape rooms pop up all over the world from Calgary to Budapest. Regardless of your background, you may be perfectly suited to winning the challenge. Everyone from chefs to doctors plays and the results may surprise you. Escape rooms are a unique challenge all their own and require a specific kind of aptitude based on observation skills, problem-solving, and above all teamwork.

Why Escape Rooms Are More Popular Than Ever

In both professional and social circles, escape rooms have a variety of opportunities for that can be applied that make it a great asset. For those looking for something new to do on the weekend or a weeknight that isn’t playing another game of bowling or pool, this is for you. Its far outside the norm, but is as entertaining as a video game. To some, it’s like being inside of a movie that you are starring it.

Escape rooms are great for professional/corporate teams that want to find a fun way to develop rapport/team working skills. Each challenge requires a different type of problem-solving skills, and in many cases, the variety of perspectives a team brings to the table can help solve a problem more easily. There is no shortage of players that have each played an important part in beating the overall game.

Escape rooms require communication and patience from each player while still establishing a sense of urgency.

How It’s Changing How People Have Fun

The physical aspect of escape rooms is something that brings in people of all types. The intellectual aspect ensures that players try and bring a well-rounded team to the game. Because its such an active type of game, it can become addicting.

The instant gratification that comes from solving complex puzzles leads to players coming back every week or every few weeks until they’ve solved all of the unique challenges a room has to offer. On top of that, there are usually at least a handful of different games that each escape room business offers.

Escape games in Calgary is no different, as the owners of the escape rooms have worked to give a few challenges that are good for people of all levels. Some, are fairly easy and can be gotten through without too much difficulty.

Others, require every bit of aptitude that you and your group can muster. And others still are so complex that only avid, experienced, escape game room players can even get through the first few challenges.

Do You Have What It Takes?

The most important thing to keep in mind when preparing to play an escape room game is to stay calm. Sometimes the pressure of the time limit can lead to players taking it too seriously. Always remember that it’s just a game and that there is always another opportunity.

Happy playing!