The Best and Affordable Places to Visit in 2019


As the New Year approaches, it is time to tidy up your wander list and make plans to visit interesting places without going broke. The economic situation around the world is going through rapid changes which means that places that were previously considered really expensive may become quite affordable next year. As we know that it’s best to book tickets 6 weeks prior so it’s best that you choose a place for 2019 and look for air tickets. Normally, since I live in London, I go to my preferred travel agency London for affordable tickets. Maybe you’ll see the name of a place here from your wish list!


Due to the decrease in Turkish lira, it is becoming more affordable. Visiting Turkey, especially Istanbul can be quite a unique experience. It is known for having one of the oldest markets in the world with vibrant and aromatic spices on display. Turkey has a very unique combination of mix of culture, religion and entertainment. Best part is that it’s so huge that you’ll get a variety of climates so choose whichever one suits you. Turkey also has a very rich history with grand palaces where once sultans ruled. I expect Turkey to be quite affordable in 2019.


As popular as Thailand is, it is still one of the cheapest countries to visit. Of course, I mean it in a general sense as not everything is cheap here. The Koh Samui or Phuket are home to luxury resorts so obviously they aren’t cheap. In my opinion, the northern side of Thailand is like the best place for visiting while on a budget. The calming atmosphere of Buddhist temples and hill tribes and amid rice fields, it’ll surely prove to be really stress-relieving.


Just a stone’s throw away from Europe, this North African country is very stable and a great place for a budget-friendly getaway. Only problem is that you’ll have to dodge salesmen, determined to sell you overpriced rugs. If you like to explore around then there are a growing number of backpacker hostels. If you can raise your budget a bit, then stay at a raid, a traditional hotel with a pleasing garden. The lively market places with great bargains and the overall simplistic way of life makes for a great vacation.


In Japan, statistics show that hotel prices have dropped up to 4% and flight ticket prices have dropped up to 5% which makes it more affordable for a visit. Till 2019, it is expected these rates will drop further. Despite Tokyo looking like a sci-fi city due to its neon lights, it still has kept in touch with old traditions. Since the capital city is more affordable, we can imagine that the other lesser known parts of Japan would be great for a visit as well. Or you can visit Osaka, the grittier cousin of Tokyo, where the food is better and costs next to nothing. Plus it is home to some of the most famous side of pop culture: Anime! Although some items are super expensive, but you can definitely buy cheaper souvenirs. With such a rich culture and beautiful nature mixed with modern architecture, Japan is overall an exciting place to visit.


The currency exchange rate between Mexican pesos and several other currencies remain very favorable for budget travelers. There is a lot to see in Mexico. Their colorful events, the Mayan ruins hidden in the jungle, gorgeous beaches and mysterious desert canyons are all very interesting to visit. Also the general fun cultural cities like Merida or Mexico City, have so much to offer. Accommodation is super cheap and the street food is just amazing. If you avoid those few trouble spots, a trip to Mexico can prove to be great.


Portugal is quickly becoming popular with tourists and over the years it has redeveloped a lot. Among them Lisbon maintains its bright and warm charm. But that’s not all this charming country has to offer. The new second city of Porto seems really promising. Or the old university town of Coimbra can be a very nice trip to vintage era. Trick is to avoid areas with too many tourists and you’ll be able to get a great bargain. Trust me the super cheap yet delicious coffee is not a myth.


Recently, Ukraine has been getting a lot of positive buzz in the world of traveling. Yes, there may still be some lingering conflict but if you avoid those remote areas, you should have a lovely time. The city of Kiev for example, with its vintage cafes and colorful buildings is definitely worth a visit. The quaint cathedrals with gentle pastel colors will soothe your eyes. Due to all the bad reputation and conflict, Ukraine has cheap accommodation and is overall really suitable for travelling on a budget. If you’re up for it, you can even book a tour of the eerie ruins of Chernobyl and the tragedy that took place there.