The Dos and Don’ts for the Brides and Grooms before Their D-Day


In all our lives, apart from dreaming of the ‘obvious’ things, we all dream of having a wedding that would give us an experience of a lifetime to cherish. In most cases, when the partners are pre-decided (read love marriage) these expectations of having a dream wedding increases ten-fold.

This doesn’t mean that the ones who opt for arranged marriages do not quite have their own fascination regarding a wedding; they also expect their big day to be in the good books for long and that everyone should reminisce it throughout their life. That is why people spend so many bucks in just planning and exciting this one day of their life.

These heavy expenditures may even lead them towards financial stress also but still, they do not refrain away from the expenses because this day is indeed special in all our lives. Leaving beside all other attractions of a wedding, it’s the bride and the groom who are the cynosure of the entire event and thus be pampered the most. But they must follow some dos and don’ts before setting their foot for the D-day.

Let us discuss in details about what are the things that the would-be-wife and would-be-husband should do and should stay away from. Read on to know more


  • Be happy and cheerful throughout the functions as the happier you are the more enjoyable the journey is.
  • Keep your work at bay for some days. Do not bring your work at home either as because it may ruin your entire wedding excitement and also make your family members dissatisfied.
  • Plan everything beforehand, do not leave anything to last moment planning as they are supposed to go the wrong way most of the times. It may be your outfit, your hairstyle, makeup or any other things for that matter.
  • Eat and sleep healthily during this period. It is understandable that the pressure of the big day and the house full of guests are not so favorable conditions to acknowledge this but you must manage as much as possible as it would help you to stay fit and glowing in your wedding period.


  • Do not take much stress reading anything as that may put a negative impact on your mind and health.
  • Do not be agitated at small things as the functions (and some relatives) can be very demanding at times; you should deal with them calmly.
  • Do not go for your wedding attires just for the sake of following trends. Wear only what suits you the best.

The final take

Weddings are always meant to be a fun-filled day with loads of cuisines to devour, dancing your heart out, enjoying with family and friends and finally witnessing a beginning of a journey of a lifetime of togetherness in the form of the newlyweds.

That is why, in almost every part of the world, this day is treated as an important day and are planned with so much enthusiasm and cheerfulness by the family members of the concerned brides and grooms. The fact that so many marriages end up in separation or divorces also do not prevent others from spending so much for this one ceremony and celebrating the togetherness of two souls that are meant to meet.

Obviously, it’s their journey from them on and they are responsible for what happens next. But for that one day, they must be presentable, look ethnic and be the center of attraction amongst the thousands of guest that arrive at their wedding- it’s their D-DAY after all!