The most beautiful cities one could live in


When you ask the people to name only one city they recommend you to live in, the majority will tell you the name of their hometown. But, what are the people that actually have the privilege to live in the most beautiful cities around the world?

Even though it is very difficult to name such a city because it depends on one´s preferences and what´s the thing he likes most, the ranking accodring to “Time Out Index” has been done according to several criterias such as: culture, food, drinks, nightlife, good neighbor relations as well as the happiness of the inhabitants themselves. The survey has been done among 34.000 people who talk about the advantages and beauties of their hometowns.

Tokio, Japan

Tokio is considered to be the city that most of the people around the world would like to visit. It is believed to be the best city in Asia. The mixture of the modern with the traditional is what calls the attention most. Excellent food, nice people, cozy places to visit, good climate. What else are you looking for?

Paris, France

Ok, it might sound too mainstream but Paris is still among the top three best places to live in the world. It seems like everyone is happy here.If you are galery and museum lover you should consider moving to Paris. There is no place that beats Paris in this aspect.

Glasgow, Scotland

Small and rainy. That’s how one describes Glasgow in two words. However, its inhabitants love it for the bars, the food, the music and the friendly local people. You are never alone when in Glasgow, they say.

Berlin, Germany

About 84% of its inhabitants, believe it or not, consider their city as the best city for a nightlife. Another advantage is that the art and the creativity is something that’s really appreciated. One can not forget the excellent bear they have. It’s the perfect place for beer lovers. Great diversity and safe place for living.

Montreal, Canada

When the working hours per capita are considered, Montreal is on the second place on the list of cities with less working hours. The autumns in this spectacular city are irreplaceable. The people seem very happy and the respect among them is what value best.

Los Angeles, USA

An interesting fact is that its inhabitants are the ones to have dinner at a restaurant the most in comparison with any other city in the world. It is a city that everyone dreams to visit. Full of attractions and interesting places to visit. There is something new and different to do for every day of the month.

London, Great Britain

As much as 80% of its inhabitants confess that they love their city for the diversity and dynamic. They love the fact that people all around the world come to visit it. That’s what proofs them they have such a treasure they should be proud of.

Melburne, Australia

Its inhabitants are music lovers even more that the Austrians. About half of them say the last time they have been at a concert was only a week ago. The modern style of the city makes everyone fall for it. The people are open and friendly.