The Reasons Why Switching To Eco-friendly Cleaning Products Is Good For Your Health 


Do you know that the cleaning products you are using for your everyday cleaning needs pose a risk to your health? The conventional cleaners that people use daily contain harmful chemicals which cause a lot of health problems. They emit toxic fumes and affect not only the person who has used them but everyone in the house. In addition to being hazardous to humans, they also damage the environment due to their chemical ingredients. In fact, some of them even add on to global warming. Here are the reasons why switching to eco-friendly cleaning products is good for your health.

Lower Chances Of Respiratory Diseases

The powerful chemicals in conventional cleaners emit a lot of fumes while they are being used. These fumes not only affect the person using them but also accumulate in the air and end up affecting everyone in the house. This leads to respiratory problems such as coughing, and even lung cancer. There is no need for people to go through these health hazards when there are eco-friendly cleaning products available, from organic soap to dryer wool balls, that do not emit such harmful fumes into the air surrounding you and your family members. These products reduce the risk of developing respiratory diseases by over 60%.

They Do Not Damage The Skin Or The Hair

Apart from affecting your respiratory system, these chemicals can also damage your skin and hair. The strong ingredients in conventional cleaners contain chemicals such as ammonia, paraben, and formaldehyde among others that strip of the protective layer of moisture on the skin and cause it to dry up. This may lead to irritation and rashes sometimes even leading to dermatitis. Chemicals like chlorine bleach strip off the natural oils from the hair thus making it very brittle and likely to break or fall out with repeated washing. Switching to eco-friendly cleaning products like organic soap, and scrub-free cleansers ensures that you protect not only your home but yourself too from harmful chemical damages.

They Reduce Allergies

Conventional cleaners contain a high amount of chemicals that not only affect the people using them but also those who have allergies. Take, for example, perfumes and ammonia which are commonly used in these cleaning products. They trigger allergic reactions such as skin rashes or asthma attacks. In addition to that, strong scents do not smell good; they make your house smell like a toilet bowl or chemical plant, which is pretty disturbing if you ask me! Eco-friendly cleaning products do not emit harmful fumes and leave no scent behind other than the natural fragrance of the product itself (lavender and lemongrass). The lack of strong scents reduces the chances of allergy development or even triggering pre-existing conditions by up to 50%.

They Protect The Environment

Conventional cleaners, apart from killing millions of people and harming their health every year, also kill the environment. They contain hazardous substances such as chlorine bleach and ammonia among others that damage vegetation and aquatic life in rivers and lakes. By switching to eco-friendly cleaning products like baking soda For cleaning, the risk of environmental degradation is eliminated. These eco-friendly cleaning products do not pollute water bodies or poison plant tissues thus ensuring that you protect your surroundings which in turn keeps you healthy.

They Are Not Expensive

There is a common misconception that switching to eco-friendly cleaning products increases your expenses. This is not true at all! In fact, most of these green cleaning products are made from natural ingredients like baking soda and plant extracts like castile oil which result in them being cheaper than conventional cleaners. Spending less money has been shown to improve mental health. 

They Ensure Your House Is Safe For Children

The chemicals present in conventional cleaners are hazardous for children as their bodies are still developing and they cannot process such toxic stuff. In addition to that, they also have a lower pain threshold as compared to adults. The strong scents in these chemical products can cause serious irritation and breathing difficulties for your child. By switching to eco-friendly cleaning products, you keep your children safe from harmful chemicals which eventually keep them healthy. Knowing that children are in a safe environment in your house is beneficial to your mental health. 

They Do Not Affect Pets

The ingredients present in conventional cleaners are highly toxic for pets as well including cats and dogs. They contain hazardous substances such as chlorine bleach which does not only harm the pet but also the person who is handling it at that time. These chemicals can cause liver problems or even death if ingested by a pet. Eco-friendly cleaning products like organic soap do not pose such health hazards for your pets making them an ideal choice for pet owners. Keeping your pets safe will save you the mental anguish of seeing them ill.

They Are Convenient

Eco-friendly cleaning products are not only made from natural ingredients but also come in the form of ready-to-use sprays, wipes, and powders which makes them easy to use. You do not have to go through the hassle of mixing or applying any solution. They save your time and energy by eliminating mix-matching and application issues, thus increasing your mental health as well since you won’t suffer the frustrations.

They Repel Insects And Bugs

Organic soap and other common eco-friendly cleaning products repel various types of insects including spiders (which can carry diseases like Lyme disease), ants, cockroaches, mosquitoes, etc. The strong scents present in these cleaning products act as insect repellents making it safe for you to walk around without having to worry about insects and bugs. Insects can be very harmful to your physical health.

Switching to eco-friendly cleaning products is the best thing you can do for yourself and your family. They protect your health by reducing respiratory problems, allergic reactions, and numerous other diseases which are caused by chemicals while also protecting your skin and hair. These products also keep your surroundings safe from pollution thus enabling you to have a clean home which is the foundation of good health. They not only benefit your health but also save you money, time, and energy. All of this without bringing down the quality of cleansers. All of these benefits will improve your mental health as well. So if you care for yourself or anyone in your family, go ahead and make this switch today! Next time you are shopping for household cleaners, buy environmentally safe ones.