Things to admire the successful people for


You dream about bright and successful future full of happiness and perfection? You dream about proud people around you, fulfilled goals, high salary? But the success does not come by chance. Appropriating good habits and nurturing the decisivness, persistence and discipline brings you success in every field. Make sure you only take examples from the people who have already achieved what you are willing to achieve and be brave enough to follow their steps.

They don’t look for a salary but happiness

You will never have enough money because you can always earn more. Looking for a better salary is a never ending search. At some point you should stop looking for money but take time to reflect and think about the things that bring you happiness and joy. That’s the only thing that matters, after all.

They don’t fear the word “no”

It is better to say it clear that you cannot complete some task than saying yes and never do it. Successful people know their abilities and limits, therefore they are always honest and, unlike most off the people, have no problem in saying “no” when needed.

They wake up early and wake up at the same time every day

People that are often rewarded for their achivings have good sleeping habits. They tend to go to bed early because they wake up early before everyone else. The morning is their “me time” and they spend it on useful things such as reading books, doing exercises, taking a walk or spending quality time with the family. They avoid the use of computer and mobile phone first thing in the morning.

They focus not only on working but on the productivity as well 

The rule “Work smarter, not harder” is something that leads them through the day. They don’t go at their work only to work but rather to do something useful, to be productive. The focus is of crucial importance. They focus on the opportunities and use them all.

They do not compare themselves to others and are not jealousy

Instead they focus on their own goals. They know that all the people are different and everyone is walking a different road. They even celebrate other people’s success because they see it as a lession of success and try to apply it on themselve.

They look at the success not as a goal, but as a road

They enjoy the road because they know it is not about the goal but about the jurney. The failure is inevitable part of the road, but does not necessarily mean you are done with what you want. As soon as you keep on tying you are still in the game. It is not over until youu win only if you know how to enjoy the road. Otherwise you won’t appreciate the final destination even if you reach it.

They choose to be surrounded by successful people

It is true that you turn into the mixture of the people you spend most of the time with, the books you read and the toughts you think. So if you surround yourself with successful people the chances are you will end up being just like them. They pay a close attention who do they ask advices for and make sure they copy only the people that serve as an example.