Three things Cordoba and its people are proud of


Cordoba is one of the most beautiful cities not only in Andalusia but in Spain in general. Cordoba is history itself. The streets speak and tell you more than any local person could do. Even though it is not the biggest city and not even the capital of Andalusia, it is still one of the most significant ones. It doesn’t even have a coast and it’s one of the most visited places in the whole country. This already speak volumes about its importance. Especially the people who are into history as well as architecture would enjoy such a trip.

The walls of every single building of this city still speak about the time of the Arabic occupation. Therefore the whole Andalusia is known as Muslim Spain or Muslim Iberia. The Moorish influence is still present, even though it has ended many years ago. Their tradition, their music culture, art, architecture even cuisine still remind of the time of the Moorish invasion.


This fact only makes Cordoba one of the “must-see” places when in Spain. Even though there are a lots of places one should visit in the city, we have a suggestion of three you definitely can’t miss. The following are the most spectacular and significant ones. You simply can’t leave Cordoba without checking them. Moreover, you would definitely love them!

The Alcazar

The Alcazar in Cordoba is one of the most important yet most beautiful royal places in the country. Even the word alcazar has an Arabic origin. It refers to a royal castle, palace or fort. Well, Cordoba can proudly say that it hosts one of the most beautiful ones, if not the most beautiful one in Spain. The peaceful narrow walking gardens completed with magical fountains remind you of fairy tales. The whole nature is amazing. You could even hear the birds songs and that’s all you need for a perfect peaceful afternoon. Moreover the entrance is very cheap. They even offer discount for students.

The mosque

It is known as La Mesquita. However, nowadays this is a spectacular cathedral that used to be a mosque in the past. Over the roots of the mosque they built a church that nowadays is a religious building for the Christians. Its patio is the most beautiful part of the place. The unique trees are the trademark of the city. Whoever goes to Cordoba actually runs right away to see La Mesquita first. The entrance of this touristic place is free.

The Roman Bridge

It is the bridge that unites the old, the historic part of the city with the modern part. It is not only a beautiful architecture but it has a great history in its story. It was built such a long time ago. To be more precise, in the early years of the first century BC. It is the most beautiful crown of Guadalquivir river in the city. However, it has been reconstructed many times since, mostly for the security of the people using it. There is even a beautiful gate which is yet one of the most popular places of the city.