Top 5 Photography Trends to follow in 2018


Photography is the most creative form of representation. There are many new updates in terms of visuals and stories that are presented by global photographers. There is no doubt that the future of photography is bright and new pool of talents is emerging bringing new trends to follow and giving a whole new dimension. As we are in midst 2018, there are already many new trends have come up and are more to arrive.

Let us check emerging photography trends you will see in 2018:

  • More and More Wanderlust Images:

With the craving for travel and exploring has increased, the trend for wanderlust photography will see a rise. A camera is an important tool we carry while on a trip and with the emerging craze for sharing on social media has increased the chance of wanderlust photography trend. We will now get to see some amazing work for a new pool of photography talent globally who will share some amazing work of images.

  • Mobile Photography:

Today smartphone cameras are giving a tough competition to DSLRs. From 18 to 26 MP camera smartphone, the user doesn’t need to have a DSLR to carry along. These smartphone cameras have high-end features to give you a chance to shoot the best place and share on social media. Smartphone companies like Samsung, Vivo, Apple, and others have presented some of the best camera phones that can be purchased with vouchers from Bydiscountcodes. There are mobile photography contests and other ways how mobile photographers are called to come up with new and inspiring images.

  • The rise of New Technology:

With the increase in the popularity, in 2018 we will see some great advancement in gears used for photography. However, this equipment price may vary as per the features and use. Availability of new technology and a wide range of equipment will further enable experimentation, resulting in the better display of skills in the trend. In the last few years, photography has witnessed some great technology that has attracted more new photographers to try.

  • The technique will have more Demand:

Visual aesthetics and technique will see a good rise. Publications and creative agencies will focus more on techniques used in images. Moreover, there will be the disappearance of film look which was prevalent two years back. As more and more talent is used in the field, more technique will be given importance.

  • Storytelling Method:

As the wanderlust craze is increasing, storytelling is also increasing. Photography is about presenting the image in a storytelling way. Storytelling method will see a new trend in 2018, especially by wanderlust photographers. This could be in the form of images or videos. A unique way of storytelling will open the market for more photographers. It would be interesting to see how storytelling will capture the market.

  • Add A Glidecam To Your Camera Accessories
More and more photographers are starting to also offer videography services to help supplement their income and adding a decent little Glidecam to your camera accessories can be a great way to help improve your image stabilization. This ensures that the footage that you record for your clients is as smooth as possible allowing you to deliver the highest possible image quality to your paying clients to help build your reputation. There are a large number of different manual camera stabilisers in the Glidecam range so we would recommend that you check out this post for more information on the best Glidecam for your needs.

If you belong to the photography community or an aspiring one, then adopting these new trends is what you must follow to stay in the game.  Do check out the latest photography trends and try out something new for the same.