Top 5 Tricks to Make a Your Bathroom Look Outstanding


We all want to take showers in a place that is attractive and beautiful at least to encourage us to spend more time in the running water. In a place where you visit like 3 times daily, you need to make it feel luxe and outstanding.


Having in mind that the bathroom could be one of the most expensive rooms to renovate after the kitchen, many tend to ignore it. This could be the reason why you have been having boring moments in your bathroom. However, you can still make that room look expensive with a few tricks that will not cause you to break a bank. Here are some of them:

  • Replacing your bath mat

When last did you change your bath mat? The appearance of this mat can affect your feel as you get into the bathroom. Remember this is the first thing you find before getting in. By having an attractive mat, you will have added some personality and sophistication to your bathroom. You can consider the Turkish and Persian rugs which are softer and more attractive that bath mats. Whichever way, just replace that tired bath mat.

  • Bathroom lighting

This will definitely affect the entire stay in that bathroom. Many of us are used to overhead lighting in our bathrooms. However, you can deploy other tricks like having some lighting on the sides. There are various bathroom lighting fixtures that differ in colors, sizes, shapes, and their brightness. If you have a tub, then you need some dim lighting which is colored. This will definitely depend on your taste and preference.

  • Do some wall dressing

You may just be used to dressing your living room with a great wallpaper, now its time for your bathroom. Well, instead of having new tiles on the walls, which will definitely cost you hundreds of bucks, you can go with wallpaper. When you spice it with some cool bathroom lighting fixtures, you will have nailed it.

  • Work on your hardware

Well, after great lighting and cute wallpaper, you need to at least replace your soap dishes and get a better bathing soap. Besides, those faucets can be given a touch of brass and copper. They don’t have to be chrome. Have an attractive hanger for your clothes and towels. It can really get messy if you don’t have anywhere to hang your linens. Also, don’t forget t hang a stylistic mirror in your bathroom.

  • Have a perch

Most modern bathrooms have somewhere you can sit and do some pedicure. You can bring comfort in your own bathroom by having that garden stool with you. Make it look attractive to match the colors in your bathroom.

The good news is that you can do most of these tricks by yourself without the need for a contractor. The above tricks when combined with the right bathroom lighting fixtures, you will be surprised how the entire feel and taste of your bathroom will be boosted. Perhaps you might end up spending more time in the bathroom and of course, visiting the place regularly. Try them today!