Top Asian Beach Destinations that should be On Your Travel List


As most people in the west have barely gotten over with the winter polar vortex, they are looking for a nice sunny retreat. Travelling is anyhow a very relaxing experience for everyone and it offers the much-needed break that you might need after a long stretch of a rigorous routine. It is already that time of the year when most people are either about to leave for a holiday or are planning for one in a few days.


Trip planning is a very exciting phase, however, it often gets tricky. Often people remained confused about where to head to and struggle to find new locations that not only offer them a retreat but is also fun to explore and easy on the pocket. There was a time when Europe, Caribbean, and Africa used to enjoy major tourist attention, however, lately, many Asian countries have emerged as beautiful tourist destinations. Most of these destinations are quite sought after for their tropical weathers, scenic beauty, unexplored beaches and budget economy due to the exchange rate difference that most Asian countries tend to have with the western ones. If you already have not traveled to the Asian beaches as of yet, now is the time to do so. If you are still wondering where to head to, here are some of the most amazing Asian beach destinations for you to consider.



This island country is home to over two thousand gorgeous islands scattered all across its turquoise and emerald waters. Although not all of its islands are habituated, those that are occupied offer an experience that is unparalleled. The islands are a mix of beautiful reefs and atolls. While a few islands offer low priced conventional accommodation, there are others that are occupied by private hotel chains such as Hilton and boost exotic water villas and private white sandy beaches. The country’s tropical and moderate climate makes it accessible and tourist-friendly all year round.



The Maldives is gorgeous but also a tad bit expensive for an Asian destination. Moreover, many travelers do not prefer it for longer holidays unless they are looking for a secluded honeymoon since the islands do not offer much in terms of nightlife and entertainment. Those loopholes are well taken care of by neighboring Thailand. Phuket is the largest island of Thailand and a tourist magnet for all the right reasons. It offers everything from pristine beaches, to happening nightlife and party scene, adventure sports and jungle safaris, and great shopping and food options. If you want something a bit more exotic than the touristy Phuket beaches, you can head to the beautiful sandy white shores of Maya Bay in the neighborhood. There are numerous Phuket attractions that will keep you hooked throughout your stay even if you plan an extended stay.

Perhentian Islands


If you are into sea diving and snorkeling but cannot afford the luxurious Maldives, the Perhentian Islands in the Eastern coast of Malaysia are a perfect alternative. The islands are one of the most underrated beach destinations since the more touristy Langkawi in a relatively well developed Western Malaysia takes much of the limelight. However, Perhentian Island is something very Maldives-queue with crystal clear blue waters and gorgeous water villas for an ultimate luxury experience, albeit at a much more economical price