Top Five Sentimental Wedding Gifts


With wedding season quickly approaching, you’ll likely have the wedding invitations beginning to stack up. And Adobe Spark invitations are one of the cutest and will melt your heart. It seems like every spring and summer, everyone you know decides to get married.

Once you have your wedding outfit sorted, somewhere to stay and the other wedding logistics tied up, it comes down to one final thing: the wedding gift.

It can be difficult to find the perfect wedding present, especially with a couple who’re your close friends or family. You need to create a balance between something they’ll both like and be able to use. We’ve put together a list of meaningful wedding gifts that you can give to the happy couple to help celebrate their day.


Please note, if the bride and groom have registered for gifts, it will be best to pick something from their list rather than deviating from it.

Create a Memory Box

If you’re particularly close with the couple, a memory box is a perfect gift that’s straight from the heart. Fill a box full of happy memories you’ve shared together, photographs, artwork, ticket stubs and anything that means something to you. Put some thought into what matters to your friendship and you’ll be sure to remind them of some happy times

If you’re feeling super crafty, you could even try to make the box yourself! This can help make the gift extra special for the bride and groom.

Another gift that’s similar to a memory box is a personalized gift box. You can add in things the couple loves like food, music or films as well as smaller gifts like personalized coasters, honeymoon gifts, wedding-themed mugs, etc.

Whether you’re making a memory or personalized gift box, show them how much the couple and times you’ve shared together mean to you.


Engraved Photo Frame

A beautiful engraved photo frame is a timeless wedding gift that’s sure to be treasured. An engraved message allows you to make the frame personal to the happy couple.

You could add their wedding date, a greeting or something unique to them. This message helps to make the gift a keepsake they’ll treasure. Try to pick a frame that matches the couples’ style that will match the design of their home but keep it classic for longevity.

You could either give them the empty frame for a photo from the wedding day, add the wedding invitation/save the date or put in an engagement photo. The invitation can be a great choice as they’re painstakingly picked during the planning stages, sent out and usually never seen again.

Create Personalized Wall Art

Over the last few years, online stores offering personalized art has exploded. Options can include the constellation of the wedding date, a map of the wedding or proposal location, the music notes or soundwaves to the first dance and many more. A quick search will show thousands of options so make sure you choose a cool and quirky design the wedding couple will love.

If you’re crafty, you could try creating something yourself. This can add to how special your gift is. An excellent idea is to paint the meeting place of the couple or a family portrait, especially if they have pets you could include

Send Them On a Shared Experience

A shared experience can be a great way for a newly married couple to strengthen their bond.  

Pick an activity you know the couple will love or something to push their boundaries a little. A wine tasting will be perfect for a couple of wine enthusiasts or perhaps parachuting to get their hearts beating.

Even something as simple as a meal out in an upscale restaurant where the couple usually wouldn’t visit can be a great evening out and escape from everyday life.

Dedicate Something to Them

Dedicating something after the couple is a completely non-traditional gift that many couples will love. The most common option is to name a star or constellation after a couple giving them something distinctive to look at in the night sky.

Another alternative is to adopt a grapevine from a vineyard. The couple will then receive the wine from their grapes to share on a special night together.

You could also adopt and name an animal after the couple, perfect for a couple of animal lovers. Packages generally come with photos and gifts as well as regular animal updates.

For a wedding gift that truly means something, you don’t need to spend a fortune. Just use your knowledge of the couple and the experiences you’ve shared in order to create something that’s unique, personal and, most of all, from the heart.