Top Tips for Revamping Your Wardrobe Without Breaking the Bank


Fashion is always evolving with new trends constantly emerging. Even those with the most basic or classic taste sometimes feel the need to give their wardrobes a refresh and give their signature style a little bit of an update. Updating your look can be a expensive process, however, there a few ways of staying fashion conscious without breaking the bank.

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First of all it’s always a good idea to start off by cleaning out your closet. Starting fresh and having  a clear view of what you already own allows you to see what is missing from your collection. Separate your clothing and accessories into categories, identifying the staples that form the basis of the majority of your outfits. Looking at what you love and wear the most can stop you from impulse buying similar pieces that may be unnecessary.


Clearing out your wardrobe may also help you rediscover clothing you have forgotten about and do not wear as often as you would maybe like to. There may also be many pieces that you decide you no longer want which are taking up valuable space in your wardrobe. For clothing and accessories that are still in good condition, there are many online auction sites where you could sell these unwanted items to help raise some funds for new pieces.


If you are creative, then why not try to up-cycle any pieces you may feel are outdated. By simply adding new buttons or a new zipper to a piece of clothing, you could give it a new lease on life and work it back into your updated wardrobe. Perhaps you have fallen out of love with a basic pair of jeans? Why not try ripping them to give a fashionable distressed look or even turn them into shorts which will add a brand new item to your collection.


Invest the majority of your clothing budget in good quality staple pieces that will stand the test of time. Try to avoid spending large amounts of money on trendy items that will become outdated quickly. Well made staple items such as t-shirts, blouses and jeans can be worn throughout the seasons and will often last for many years to come.


Once you have the basics covered and have identified your staple clothing items, then it is time to start thinking of how to give these basics an update by pairing them with newer statement items. You may also be looking to fill some of the gaps you have in your staple wardrobe and this is where hiring a personal shopper could save you big bucks. By enlisting the help of a personal stylist in Melbourne, you will save yourself the task of imagining which of these seasons must haves will work best with your current wardrobe. Personal stylists are the perfect people to offer advice on what your wardrobe may be missing and also which pieces will help give everything else you already own a fresher look. What’s more, personal stylists know how to shop smart and create a whole range of looks from just one or two new pieces.


Accessorising can be one of the most cost effective way of keeping your style current. Good use of accessories can change an outfit entirely and are often inexpensive. Items such as belts and hats can be worn with more timeless basics, giving a up-to-date look for less. They are also relatively easy to work into your wardrobe. Adding a belt can cinch in the waist of a blouse or dress and give the effect of a completely different cut.