Using Creative Design Ideas in Unusual Ways


When you have creative ideas and are struggling to find an outlet for them, stretch your thinking beyond the obvious. Look for unusual ways to express your zest for life and creative style in a positive way.

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Here are three suggestions to get you started.

Custom Notepad Covers

When going to college or evening classes and finding all the students have a similar type of notebook, everyone looks alike. While a classic Moleskine notebook or a commercially-themed one with a Harry Potter cover has its attractions, what’s better is to show your personal creativity by producing a unique notebook cover to separate yourself from the crowd.

If you’re interested in creating a painting over the top of a plain leather notebook cover, then watercolor paint might work, but the paint could smudge when it rains. Look into weather-proof paint options and use those. To avoid messing up, work with a separate canvas that has an identical size to the notebook as a dry run (or two) until you have everything as you want it. Then you’re ready to paint the cover.

Custom Roller Skates Designs

Riedell is a successful name in both roller skates and ice skates too. They have some colorful examples of boot designs that appeal to both experienced younger skaters and older people willing to learn how to skate. Now Riedell has embraced custom-designed roller boots too.

Their ColorLab skates allow for modification of the panels around the sides to use different colors and materials. Choose from metallic leather, suede leather or regular leather and you can customize both the colorful appearance and feel of the boot on your feet. They have an online tool that accepts the changes and displays how the final boot will look before ordering.

For color aficionados who wish to fully customize their roller skate, Riedell custom roller skates now have fully custom designs as a personalized, one-off boot design. Graphics designers who want to choose their color palette, logo or emblem on the side and change entirely how they’ll look when rolling around on their skates can go completely custom. The adjustments include changes for unusual foot shapes, arches, and orthotic problems, heel height for more lift, and the inner lining too. Now you can feel like a celebrity!

Create a Custom Designed Website

Putting artistic talents to good use by creating a website template or WordPress theme is a rewarding exercise. Not only can it showcase your unique talent, but it expands your skillset into a potentially commercially viable one. The better designs can certainly be made available for other users to try out on their web projects.

It’s obviously sensible to learn about color theory before you start. That way, you can choose a color palette that suits the website and will capture the attention of new visitors before they have a chance to click away. Never neglect the basics.

When enjoying using color in your creations, don’t be afraid to give wild ideas a go. You never know where that’ll lead you. After all, experimentation is where many great designs are discovered.