What To Wear On A Walking Holiday


Many people assume that walking holidays are better in summer, but in reality they can be just as great in winter. Snowfall and frost can make any city or state look beautiful, whether you are planning a walking holiday in the UK or the US.

One thing that you need to consider before going on your walking holiday is what you will wear. It is important to pack the right hiking gear for the trip, as this will reduce the chance of accident or injury – and it also means that you will feel toasty, rather than cold! If you’re planning a walking holiday, here’s the gear that you’ll need to pack.

A Reliable Backpack

If you are hiking or walking you will need a backpack to store food, drink, extra layers and some plasters. Before you buy a bag you should consider the duration of your trip; if you are going on a short hiking trip that will only last for a day or two, you will probably only need a daypack to store your items, but if you are planning on camping for longer you will need a much larger hiking backpack.

It is also important to make sure that the backpack has thick straps to help distribute weight. The human body is designed for walking and hiking, but a particularly heavy backpack can result in injury. Thankfully you can reduce the chance of this by buying a backpack with wide straps!

Woollen Socks

Cotton socks are normally a more popular option that wool sock, but wool socks are better for hiking. This is because they slide around less so they are less likely to cause blisters, and they can also help to reduce sweating while conserving heat.

Hiking Boots

Proper footwear is essential if you want to have a fun walking holiday. Constantly walking around will put a lot of pressure on your feet, but wearing appropriate shoes, such as hiking boots, will reduce the risk of a foot injury. If you decide to buy hiking boots make sure that they are waterproof, as the majority of trails get damp at certain times of the year (unless you live in the desert, of course!).

Waterproof Jacket

The weather can be unpredictable, and this can be a problem if you are caught out during a downpour. Make sure that you are prepared for the rain by investing in an appropriate rain jacket, and try to buy a padded one if you know you will be walking in a cold area. It is especially important to get a waterproof jacket if you are holidaying in Louisiana, Mississippi or Alabama, as they are some of the rainiest states in the US.

A walking holiday can be a lot of fun if you are properly prepared – but if not, you may end up spending the holiday walking around with back injuries or foot injuries!