What Does Your Bathroom Say About You?


As possibly the most personal space in a person’s home, the bathroom says a lot about the resident. It’s an important place where we wash, relax and make-up the person we choose to show the rest of the world. All too often we leave our bathrooms to give our guests whatever impression they choose to perceive of us. As well as the medicine cupboard above the sink, there’s the toiletries we choose, the magazines we carelessly discard by the toilet and all sorts of other clues in the layout and design of the bathroom. Here’s what your bathroom says about you.


Minimalist Design

Means you are: Organised/Control Freak

The person who has the cool, together minimalist design bathroom is usually the type who has all aspects of their life sewn up. Clean, crisp surfaces and spotless units are the preserve of the ultra-organised, slightly anal, high achiever.


More Than Three Different Mirrors

Means you: Look after your appearance/Are vain

We all want to be certain we look good before stepping out of the house in a morning and you can’t rely on just one mirror plus a ‘how do I look?’ to the other half. So a second mirror is perfectly reasonable. Depending on the size of the first two, you may also need a third but any more and you are turning your bathroom into a fairground-style hall of mirrors.


Feature Wall

Means you: Have personality/Dislike boring bathrooms

Feature walls of wallpaper or jazzy tiles give a bathroom a bit of individual style which you may feel reflects your own character. There are too many bathrooms which are decked out in the same bland colour tones so these should be welcomed.



Means you: Like to relax/spend too much time in the bath

There’s nothing more relaxing than a soak in the tub. And there are different ways to have a bath, from the minimum of a few bubbles and a book, to the full bath bomb, music, low lighting and candles combination. People who do this on a regular occasion can be spotted from the many candles melted to a nub scattered around their bath.


A Wide Selection of Toiletries

Means you are: A keen consumer/Shopaholic

Lots of people are guilty of this: six different kinds of face wash, a variety of bath potions and then body scrubs, moisturisers, shampoos and conditioners all vying for space around the shower. Invariably, these are people who can’t go into Boots and only come out with a meal deal.


Wide Selection of Reading Matter

Means you are: a voracious reader/spend far too long on the toilet

Some people find this disgusting while some guests welcome the on-loo entertainment – you can’t please everyone so just go with your instincts. I’d recommend Sunday supplement magazines.