How To Become A Morning Person


Do you struggle to become a morning person? I have some tips that you will find helpful. Being a morning person brings so many benefits for you. It will improve your productivity, boost your energy levels, and improve self-discipline. Waking up early means that you will have more time for a workout, your hobby, earn additional income, or just spend some alone time before the kids wake up. Read on and find out how to manage to do it!

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Prepare everything in the evening

Your sleepy brain can’t make decisions. So, that’s why you need to decide everything before you go to bed. When you wake up, all you need to do is follow your plan.

Struggle to find your clothes in the morning, so you are late? The trick is to have everything prepared in the evening. Choose your outfit and leave it on a hanger. Prepare your breakfast and pack your lunch. This way, you will save some precious time in the morning.


Make your bed

Why would you make your bed as soon as you get up? First, because moving around will help you wake up. Plus, you can’t get back to bed too.

Have a bottle of water ready

Are you feeling tired when you wake up? It is not because you are really tired. Put the blame on dehydration. Your body loses water during sleep. It can really make you feel exhausted, even if you just woke up. Have a bottle or glass of water ready, so that you can rehydrate quickly.


Stop pressing the snooze button

5 more minutes is not your option. The thing is that snoozing will disrupt the sleeping cycle, and you will wake up more sleepy. Get up when you turn off the alarm. To prevent you from pressing the snooze button, put your phone away from the bed. This way, you will have to get up to turn it off. Once you get up, don’t go back to bed. Head straight to the bathroom and wash your face.

Let your body get used to the changes

No change can be done overnight. During the first days, your body will struggle. But, keep it up until waking up early becomes a habit. It takes 21 days for the body to get used to something and accept it as a daily habit.

For example, you can wake up 15 minutes earlier than usual. Or, promise yourself a reward for waking up. It can be a nice breakfast packed with proteins, that will give you energy for the day.


Have a power nap

When you wake up early, you will feel tired in the middle of the day. So, it is good to have a 30-minute nap. It will help you restore your energy and finish the day.