How to get real Instagram Followers: 3 Reliable Ways to Grow Your Audience


Instagram is a highly targeted marketing platform where you can reach a larger network of the audience and grow your business. There are over 700 million people browse this photo-sharing app every day. If you are using this platform to promote your business, you must know the right ways to get engage your audience and clever ways to use this biggest platform. In this article, we will talk about some ways that will help you to get real Instagram followers and by increasing the post engagement.  

3 reliable ways to get real Instagram followers.

  • Hack your hashtag strategy
  • Develop some influence
  • Earn attention outside of Instagram

Hack your hashtag strategy

If you are looking for achieving Instagram organic growth and drive more post engagement then hack your hashtag strategy. Now people can follow your hashtags on Instagram, so it is easier to increase post reach and brand awareness with the use of right hashtags. But “how to use the hashtag in a better way?”. Focusing on the relevant hashtags that provide the unique value to your Instagram followers. Don’t use the same hashtags in every post. You need to find the right combo of hashtags that boost your brand image.

  •    Branded hashtags: Develop your own branded hashtags to generate more engagement for your business. Use your brand name or unique hashtag. There are almost 70 percent hashtags that are used on Instagram are branded hashtags.
  •    Trending tags: Check out the trending hashtags that are appearing the explore page of this platform. If you are relevant to your brand or product, use them in your post and expand your post reach.
  •    Popular hashtags: However, popular hashtags are difficult to rank for but you can place them in some posts. Add the popular hashtags (3 to 5) popular tags to your photos and stories.
  •    Location tags: When you add geotags with your posts and increase your post engagement up to 79 percent.

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Develop some influence:

However, getting real Instagram followers organically is harder. All you need to build credibility and earn respect to develop some influence that someone else in your space already has. In order to amplify your voice on Instagram, influencer marketing is the easiest way. Find out influencers in your niche and collaborate with them to expand your brand reach. You can find them with the help of industry hashtags and start building a relationship with them. Also, you can opt account takeover option to achieve the same.

Earn attention outside of Instagram

If you are looking for boosting post engagement and more followers on Instagram then it is essential to earning attention outside of Instagram. Promote your Instagram posts on your other social networks. Don’t suppose that people following you on Facebook also know you have an Instagram account. Let them know what your username is and encourage them to follow you on Instagram. Also mention your branded hashtags in your, emails, screenshot pictures from Instagram for your website posts and newsletter