Simple Bathroom Remodelling Ideas for a New Home


Finally, you have moved to the new home and wondering where to buy and new bathroom from. You take a second look and realize the bathroom really doesn’t reflect your style and personal preferences. You suddenly whizz through all of the different bathroom ideas and remember there are loads of summer bathroom suite sales on at this time of the year. Time to decide on which bathroom to buy!

We all know the bathroom is one of the most important room, which is always considered before buying or renting a house.

Bathrooms cost a lot of money, so finding a discounted bathroom is essential.

There is a fine line between a cheap bathroom at a discounted price and a bathroom from hell which calls for a plumber in 6 months due to leaky floors.

With all the bathroom sales and various options online, I would look for inspiration to find a great deal on a bathroom suite. 

Below are bathroom remodelling tips to get your ideal bathroom vision into fruition. 

Have a Bathroom Suite Design in Mind?

You will be remodelling in vain if you have no idea of what you want to see after the work is done. You need to look at a few other things that are in line with your inspirational bathroom:

Choice of color – Settle on a color that will lighten up the ambience of the bathroom for that relaxed mood. You do not want to choose a color that you will regret later.

Fixtures – are you thinking of getting rid of the sinks and bathtubs for different designs or will you make use of the already installed ones? Replication of fixtures to unique designs will not only add color and style to your bathroom; they offer a cheaper option. 

Storage – where are you thinking of putting your towel and other toiletries? Have either the cabinets, drawers or shelves to hide all your stuff inside. 

Bathroom flooring Suite ideas

Are you looking for an easy to clean floor or a non-slip alternative? Do not choose a granite floor for its aesthetic value only for you to break your back due to its slippery nature. Glazed tiles are the best option if you are thinking of an easy to clean floor. If you are thinking of a non-slip floor, opt for smaller tiles with rough edges.

Bathrooms Need a Good Mirror

Have a mirror wide enough to serve you in the bathroom. In smaller washrooms, the mirror will add to the lighting making it look big and spacious. An additional flattering light above the mirror will not only increase reflection but will also help enhance beauty.

Spice up the Bathroom interior décor

Decide on what you will have on the walls and floor for beauty. Opt for less dramatic wall art and look for a comfortable rug near water areas and the toilet. Drape the curtains from the ceiling to enhance the vertical space. Use stylish hooks for hanging your towel and clothes when in the shower. You can also show neatness by having a niche near the shower for your soap and shower gels.

Your bathroom is relatively smaller compared to the other rooms in the house and updating it to a fresh new look will prove an easy task when you know what you want. The choice of colors used will bring out your personality. You can use unique personal improvisations to pimp up the washroom; you do not have to buy everything.