10 Tips To Use The Kitchen Backsplash For Storage


The kitchen is the place with so many utensils and gadgets, and you need to find the best storage solutions for all of them. You need to get the most of the space available and this means that you shouldn’t neglect any empty spots. For instance, one such spot can be the kitchen backsplash and today we want to give you some tips of how to use this space. Check them out and choose how you will use this space in your kitchen.

Add A Pegboard

The kitchen backsplash is often a tiled one, but you can also add a pegboard over there. Pegboards are great for storage and you can add some hooks or shelves to store some of your kitchen utensils.

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DIY Storage Boxes

If you need some space for storing fruit, then you can try to make some such storage box that you can place underneath the kitchen cabinets. They are easy to be done and they won’t cost you much.

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Under Cabinet Storage System

Or besides making one, you can buy some cabinets that feature a storage system underneath. So, no more unused space on your backsplash.

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Install A Tension Rod

You can also install a tension rod on your backsplash. Hang some of the utensils over there. Or maybe even hang some herb garden.

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Hang Towels

One part of your kitchen countertop can be used for making your own coffee bar. Use the empty space on the backsplash to hang some towel and thus wipe off any accident spills.

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Magnetic Wall Knife Rack

The empty space on the backplash can be also used for storing knives. You can make some magnetic wall rack to keep them over there and thus keep yourself save.

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Display Your Cookbook Collection

The backsplash can be also used to display your cookbooks. Add a shelf there and arrange them together with some decorative items or some cooking essentials.

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Add Decorative Frames

Besides using the backsplash for storage you can also hang some decorative frames.

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Hang Wire Baskets

The backplash space can be perfect for storing some wire baskets. Use them to store some fruit or vegetables that don’t need to stay refrigerated.

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Spice Storage

And one more way to use the space on the backsplash can be for storing all of the spices. This will give you the chance to have them at hand when preparing something delicious.

kitchen backsplash
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So, how would you choose to use the empty space on your kitchen backsplash. Tell us in the comments and of course, don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many other tips, hacks and tricks that will make your life easier.